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My biography

My name is Paula Catalina López Arias.

I was born in Espinal , Tolima. The 15 of april, in 1998.

Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza

This is my family, I love you

My father isCarlos Robinson López, He is the security chief

in usocoello.

My mother is Luz Angela Arias, she is housewife

and she is studing psychology.

I have brother, I'm the oldest of my brothers.

I live in balkanes del vergel II, block E home 6.

It's a fun and enjoyable place.

My favorite food is the chicken gratin.

My Favorite sport is skating.

This is very exciting and I love it.

My best friend is Jenifer Dayana Molina.

She is a very important in my life.

I want to study civil engineering.

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I want to study in military

college "nueva granada".

my biggest fears is the loneliness.

My pet is a dog, it's a pug, its name is spy.

In my vacations, I went to Paraiso Hotel Estudios.

This is my facebook.

I want to live in Bogota.

My boyfriend is Felipe Varón.

This is my photo "ńera".

My friends in the school.

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